turntableD3J got started in college radio at WMUC-FM 88.1. It was something different then. Possibly called something like Red Shoes at the Drug Store, or Multiple Personality Disorder, or Nerd Rock For the New Millenium. But then some graduating occurred and then some turntables were purchased and then D3J was DJified [that is sort of like being knighted, except the queen is not involved].

While at the station a love for pop music was created. Not just any pop music though. The kind that was produced during the 80’s and 90’s, and not just any music produced during the 80’s and 90’s that was pop, but a particular type of pop music that cigarette smoking music nerds prefer. But more importantly a love for vinyl evolved. But being of the modest type, 7″ records were the preferred medium. Luckily many of the bands that made this kind of nerdy pop music also liked releasing a song or two in 7″ vinyl format so it all worked out just hunky dorey.

But the thing is. Now is now. Not back then. And many records were purchased. So D3J plays them for the people. Sometimes as part of The Freeform DJ Collective. It is the only honest thing to do. You know?

And what can you do? This is about you too. And your love for cigarettes and being a nerd and liking The Cure more than The Smiths. Well you should come out and enjoy the whole thing.

Hear the crackle, hear the pop, just don’t expect the rock.

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